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Get ball flight trajectory data and swing impact analysis when it counts – while your playing!

GolfCasters revolutionizes tournament scoring systems by providing and supporting golf telemetry data captured simultaneously with the swing video clip from the t-box after each player. Doppler radars and shot metric data collections are happing in real time during a tournament event or combine series giving competitors reliable swing and ball flight data to improve their game.

Lets face it, radaring your swing and taking video clips while at a simulator or a static driving range area is one way to improve your game, but nothing is going to come close to what you will learn analyzing what you did live at the t-box when confronted with the games pressure and real world course variables.

GolfCasters mobile event management and tournament scoring system is an integrated suite of applications and supporting appliances. Our capabilities start with but are not limited to; deploying a WiFi mesh network, deployment and support for our portable t-box power distribution appliances, tournament Doppler radar setup with video analysis, online ticketing, scoring (walking and overall), metric collection and event day staffing registration.

Scored Tournaments Require Wireless Connectivity

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Tournament Scoring System

GolfCasters mobile event management and tournament scoring system is an integrated suite of appliances and applications. This includes but not limited to our mesh networking, power distribution, ticketing, scoring, metric collection, and event day staffing. The system uses land based broadband for primary connectivity with an additional out of band terrestrial and cellular network design for business continuity and remote management/deployment purposes.
GolfCasters services are available as a whole or in part. GolfCasters may operate as a standalone deployment or tightly integrate with customers’ existing devices and service offerings. Golfcasters solutions are designed to store and forward tournament data and video directly from each t-box to GolfCasters/eventname/playerID, or other contractual entities scoring system or website.
We deploy a highly reliable wireless self-healing mobile mesh network connecting our patent pending GolfCasters appliances and endpoint. The appliances are weather resistant and can self power for over 20 hours if required. The appliances provide simultaneous support for live video monitoring (event security), video capturing and storage (stroke video capture), and up to 3 Doppler radar devices (Doppler Tournament Deployment) at each t-box.
GolfCasters distinct market segment is providing and supporting telemetry based event management, specifically focusing on Doppler swing and shot metric collection in addition to traditional walking scoring at contracted events or combines.

Event Management Application

We provide a comprehensive, event management suite that includes a single web interface for registrations, payments, course itineraries, real time scoring, and event accessories (name tags, tee times and itineraries, and equipment and promotional materials) while capturing high value demographic data for event and promotional marketing.
a. Web based registration provides participants a single interface to completes all tasks involved in event registration. Optional demographic data is also captured at time of registration. Demographic breakdown questions are tailored to the sponsoring event, and may be added or removed per sponsor’s needs.
b. Promotional and marketing impressions are displayed to the participant during the registration process, (equipment, lodging, etc..) Demographic and intelligent marketing impressions are displayed upon delivery of schedule/itinerary
c. Automated generation of direct mail invitations and event reminders. These may incorporate sponsor and course branding elements as well as promotional and marketing impressions.
d. GolfCasters Event staff can provide onsite/same day registration, distribute event and informational material, promotional items and event itineraries and event identification. All distributed material is available for sponsor and course branding and may include sponsor selected and targeted marketing impressions.

Greenside Scoring Application

Greenside Scoring Module (GSM version 1.00)
We provide a .NET greenside walking scorer application paired with a touch screen based tablets that associates itself with the devices supporting a specific hole. The greenside application tracks players, times, lie, stance, etc…
Location data is obtained by utilizing GPS data and is extensible to telemetry based location data.
GolfCasters Greenside Devices are designed using Azure Cloud based services and utilize a store and forward method to guarantee critical data delivery during transient networking conditions. All results are available online and onsite immediately.
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