GolfCasters Event Management Application


We provide a comprehensive, event management suite that includes a single web interface for registrations, payments, course itineraries, real time scoring, and event accessories (name tags, tee times and itineraries, and equipment and promotional materials) while capturing high value demographic data for event and promotional marketing.

a. Web based registration provides participants a single interface to completes all tasks involved in event registration. Optional demographic data is also captured at time of registration. Demographic breakdown questions are tailored to the sponsoring event, and may be added or removed per sponsor’s needs.

b. Promotional and marketing impressions are displayed to the participant during the registration process, (equipment, lodging, etc..) Demographic and intelligent marketing impressions are displayed upon delivery of schedule/itinerary

c. Automated generation of direct mail invitations and event reminders. These may incorporate sponsor and course branding elements as well as promotional and marketing impressions.

d. GolfCasters Event staff can provide onsite/same day registration, distribute event and informational material, promotional items and event itineraries and event identification. All distributed material is available for sponsor and course branding and may include sponsor selected and targeted marketing impressions.

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